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DAY 33

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Santa Margarita County Preserve

Santa Margarita County Preserve

Today my sister-in-law and I decided to take the kids on a hike. Our favorite spot (a short jog to running water) has been "Closed Until Further Notice". So we booked it to another spot around the corner that promised running water as well.  

Water was the main attraction for today since it is a crisp 99 degrees here in Fallbrook.  

This was also my two year old's first hike. Ever. All he could talk about was sticks and water. I should also mention we had his cousin who is 1.5 years old and my youngest who is just 5 months. I wore the baby in an Ergo Baby pack. All children were slathered in sunscreen and well hydrated for the adventure. 

We walked a curvy, sandy, and (thankfully) shaded path under oak trees and vines. It was beautiful. Two sets of horses rode by us. No water in sight. The two toddlers with us were losing their cool. No water to play in as promised (yet), nothing but boundaries, and us saying 'stay on the trail' and 'let's keeps moving'. I don't blame them - it's a hike. For their tiny legs, a half mile probably felt like an eternity. 

With the early sun moving into a hotter position we decided it was time to give up and turn back. We also saw this: 


Mountain Lion Track

Mountain Lion Track

A Little hard to see but we ran across some fresh mountain lion tracks.  I think we made the right choice to turn back. I also think the hike back somehow became magically longer too. With a tiny curmudgeon crying on my hip and a sleeping baby in the pack - we made it back to the car unscathed. 

Did you notice I didn't complain about my sandals? They weathered the trail and toddler tantrums beautifully. 



I apologize for my toes, however, they managed the soft sand, random sticks, and the extra 50lbs of weight I had to carry just fine. I even wore them buckled! It felt good to get my feet dirty again.  



They held up well and I look foward to another hike - maybe without the kids next time.