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September 7th 2015


We're testing out a custom pair of Chacos this time around. Check out our blog to see how they're holding up!

April 19th 2015

100 Days Of Comfort


Follow our newest blog endeavor: wearing the same pair of shoes for 100 days. It might sound easy - but it's not! Check by often to see how our shoes are holding up to the test. #100daysofcomfort.

March 26th 2015


Teva has brought back a few old favorites from the 80's and 90's. We're super excited to see some of our old 'go to' styles in fashion right now too! Plus! It's okay to wear your socks with them this year! Finally. #socksandsandals


March 23rd 2015

The New Yorker - Sole Cycle

Just recently, Birkenstock received some publicity in this week's issue of The New Yorker.  There is a very detailed history of how the brand came to be (not to mention meticulously accurate) and a great account of the roller coaster the brand has experienced due to it's recent popularity.

Read the article here:  Sole Cycle - by Rebecca Mead

March 2nd 2015


Olukai just launched it's #anywherealoha campaign this month to document that the aloha spirit, even though it was born in Hawaii, is not bound by geography. Olukai began it's #anywherealoha journey by pairing Hokule'a Navigator @imuakino1 Austin Kino and National Geographic Photographer @benhortonphoto Ben Horton to trek our beloved Joshua Tree desert. To read and watch more go to The Explorers.


January 28th 2015

I Can't Help Myself - They're Too Darn Cozy

Since I'm about 26 weeks pregnant, I decided to give in and just buy the standard Birkenstock Arizona. I know they'll make me happy in the long run and after going through what I went through in my last pregnancy - Momma wants to be comfortable this time around. However - I decided to go all the way and pair them up with a super cozy pair of Smartwool socks (Saturnphere's pictured). Ever since I paired this combo up - I can't go back to the Gizeh or Mayari. This is just way too comfortable. I don't care - I want to be relaxed today.

1.28.15 - Birkenstock Socks

November 10th 2014

October 29th 2014


It's feeling a little chilly outside, which means it's finally time to take out those winter duds. You probably have a few pairs of coveted, well broken in, UGG boots lying in that storage pile too. You can bring those coveted cozy boots back to life with a few easy steps with the right tools. 

Materials You Will Need: We recommend using the UGG Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner. You can purchase this at our store separately or in a kit (we recommend the kit). You will also need at least two sponges, paper you don't mind crumpling up (nothing with ink on it!), and suede brush (included in the kit). 

Steps to Cleaning Your Favorite UGG Boots

1st: Using a sponge and water (make sure it's clean!), lightly dampen your boots. Apply a small amount of the cleaner and conditioner to the sponge and then scrub the surface of the boot. Once you have scrubbed the boots to your liking - take another damp sponge and remove the excess residue. 

2nd: Stuff you boots with some paper (or your husbands socks) to help them maintain their shape 

3rd: Now you'll want to let the boots dry naturally for at least 24 hours in a cool and well ventilated area. You never want to put them in direct sunlight or heat. 

4th: Once they are dry, you can take preventative measures by using some UGG Sheepskin Protector. Make sure to apply outdoors in a well ventilated area. First you'll want to shake the bottle, hold it about six inches away from the boot, and then spray evenly until it is wet - but not soaked. 

5th: Another preventative measure is to spray the inside of your boots with the UGG Sheepskin Freshener. Just spray the inside of the boots with the freshener and then let them dry naturally for at least another 24 hours in a cool and well ventilated area. Again, always avoid direct sunlight and heat. 

6th: Once your boots are dry, take a suede brush and lightly brush the nap in one direction. 

Good luck with your UGG boot cleaning experience! If you ever have any questions - make sure to call your favorite location for help. We are here for you! 

For even more help - here is a handy video by UGG that explains in detail on how to clean your beloved sheepskin boots.

October 7th 2014

UGG Boots Have a Home in So Cal 

I can't tell you how many times customers come into the store and scoff at our UGG selection. Not to suggest we don't have a selection - but why do we event have them. Usually it's people from the East Coast or places that are legitimately colder than our sunny San Diego. What a lot of people don't know is that the brand gained their popularity in Southern California.

In 1978 a guy by the name of Brian Smith took to the So Cal beaches to spread the word of his cozy after surf boots and with a warm welcome too. By the 1980's they became the symbol of the relaxed beach persona that is a So Cal life. From then to what it is today - UGG is the symbol of premium relaxation and cozy. We all wear the funny looking boots with pride and revel in the constant coziness. When a customer comes in to scoff at our selection we just laugh with them and let them cruise through our wonderful array of boots. We know we're the original and we know where to find cozy. 

To read the full UGG story visit The Story of UGG

September 17th 2014

Oh These Old Things?

Due to Birkenstock’s spike in popularity the once 'happy hippie' favorite turned fashion phenomenon drove us nuts this summer. We noticed the interest in the white Arizona - but we couldn’t wrap our heads around it. Some of us went ahead and placed a pretty conservative order of them just to see what would  happen. The second they dropped in our stores - they left. So we wrangled as many as we could manage and sold through those as well. Now of course they are discontinued and will not return until next summer. Sorry kids. We do however have the Arizona in Black Oiled Leather (just received back into stock), Suede Black Leather, Taupe Suede Leather, and many versions of brown (many many). The other coveted Almalfi Black leather Arizona is also on back order until mid October. We're looking forward to having stock in those again soon. 

We're doing our best to keep up with the trend and we're now competing with boutiques and big box companies that once snubbed the brand. It's pretty frustrating. The good news? Spring and Summer 2015 is going to be fantastically loaded with hot new Birkenstock colors, prints, and leathers with super fun embellishments. Plus - if you missed out on those white Arizona's - you might be able to snag a pair then when they are re-released. 

Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to more Birkenstock craziness this fall - I mean... have you seen the Olive Suede yet? Super Cool. 

July 12th 2014

It's been quite some time since we've added to the 'Real Girls in Real Shoes' blog. Since then we've had babies, gotten married, and still fanatic about the shoes we love to wear. We've decided to take a different route with the blog, and in turn, started this site. We're working on a more interactive site to help show and prove how dedicated we are to our products. So please! Take a gander at the new look - new site - new outlook on life. Welcome back friends!