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"Dad Sandals"

Koa BradburyComment

I'll admit, mostly 'Dads' come in to replace the Terra-Fi sandals they've had for a few years (sometimes longer). However, it's been fun seeing the new colors and prints Teva has been challenging us to put on people's feet.

Even has taken note of the 'Dad Shoes Gone Wild' trend. Not to worry though. I'm sure the trend will fizzle out and we'll see them pop back in another ten years.

Your dad is till cool though.

"You probably know the dad sandal already – the hiking shoe with Velcro straps typically worn with a pair of trousers that zip off at the knees, and a non-ironic bumbag containing energy bars and a compass. Practical, comfortable and about as far away from the catwalk as you could imagine."