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Julianne Moore Extends the Life of a Summer Staple Into Fall

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Thank you Julianne. Thank you.


"...the biggest challenge for the relatively bare shoe was always going to be translating into the cooler seasons, as girls everywhere packed up their pairs and began to look for equally comfortable closed-toe options. But wait! Just yesterday in New York, Julianne Moore resurfaced, and the Academy Award–winning actress slipped back in her slides for another go-around at sleek and sophisticated summer style with a fall twist."

Read more about her Birkenstock Arizona Exquisite sandals and that awesome denim jump suit Here.

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"I’ll Be Darned, Wearing Socks With Sandals Is Fashionable"

The Wall Street Journal decided to ridicule our favorite 'Dad Sandals' (again). No one seems to be able to get over the current trend of socks with sandals. What unfortunately makes sense when it's cold - also makes a fashion no no.

"Wearing socks with sandals—a source of endless ridicule for dads, German tourists and hippies—is allegedly in vogue. Calvin Klein Collection, Bottega Veneta, Marni and other luxury labels showcased the pairing at men’s runway shows in June." - The Wall Street Journal

We're OK with it though. No matter what is in fashion, Dad's are still going to buy their socks and sandals from us. We love you dad.

You can read the entire article HERE.

"Dad Sandals"

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I'll admit, mostly 'Dads' come in to replace the Terra-Fi sandals they've had for a few years (sometimes longer). However, it's been fun seeing the new colors and prints Teva has been challenging us to put on people's feet.

Even has taken note of the 'Dad Shoes Gone Wild' trend. Not to worry though. I'm sure the trend will fizzle out and we'll see them pop back in another ten years.

Your dad is till cool though.

"You probably know the dad sandal already – the hiking shoe with Velcro straps typically worn with a pair of trousers that zip off at the knees, and a non-ironic bumbag containing energy bars and a compass. Practical, comfortable and about as far away from the catwalk as you could imagine."