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Days 2 - 6

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Moving Right Along

Week 1 of Break In

During the first week of wearing a pair of Birkenstock sandals - you're still breaking them in and getting your feet accustomed to the rigid sole. The sole is now softening up and taking that unique impression of your foot. You might feel like you could go for a jog in them - but wait to do that 5k. Right now your still in the sweet spot of the break in period and your feet could still get a bit worn out. We recommend at least 2 weeks of only a few hours of wear. Then you can feel comfortable on that trip to Disneyland - or hours of pushing a shopping cart around trying to get everything you need before you have another baby with a demanding toddler as your co-pilot... 


DAY 2 - Toddler Problems


Day 4 - Making An Impression


DAY 3 - Work + Coffee


Day 5 - Moving Right Along


DAY 6 - For a Rainy Day

One of the most popular questions we get in the shop is, "Can I get these wet?". I think each of us have our own candid answer, and the answer is generally no. However, if you get caught in the rain, it's not the end of the world. If you take them to the beach and a wave catches you off guard - there is a way to remedy your sopping investment.


Here are some tips for a soaking pair of Birkenstock Sandals

1. Never Let Them Dry In The Sun: When we say never - we mean NEVER. This will make them super dry, brittle, and in extreme cases - the soles can shrink. You want to let them dry somewhere in the house that is warm - but not in direct sunlight. Don't use a hairdryer and DON'T stick them in your oven. We've seen it all.

2. Use A Towel: If they are really soaked, you can use a towel or something to soak up the water. This will help speed up the process. Sponges can work well too. 

3. Brush Them Out: Once they're dry, there might be some sandy or salty residue (depending on the situation). Using a coarse brush, you can brush out the sole and get rid of the debris.

If the situation is as simple as a few drops of rain or a splash from washing dishes - don't freak out - they're fine. I've dropped numerous liquids in my sandals and saved them by dabbing out the liquid or just leaving it be.

We're always hesitant when someone asks us the water question. We know in the back of our heads that they will probably be fine. We will try to determine what you mean by 'getting them wet' and usually it's because you're taking them to the beach or watering the garden in them. If you take just a few precautions like you would any shoe - they'll be just fine.