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Day 1 - A Walk In The Park

Koa BradburyComment


Day 1 - A Walk In The Park

Today begins the first day of testing out the iconic Birkenstock. Officially, the style I'm wearing is the Arizona in iron oiled leather, size 36. Now, this isn't to say I've never worn them before. I've been wearing and selling them for over 12 years - so I'm a bit biased - however, I'm hoping this might help us drive home how much we believe in the brand and the over 200 years of craftsmanship.

The Break In Period: Birkenstock footbeds start off hard and rigid, so it's wise to head the 'Break In Period' that is suggested. You want to wear the sandals for only about two hours a day for the next two weeks. The footbeds are made of a cork and latex combo that is designed to mold to your feet. To do this however - it takes time. Many of our customers are a little hesitant when they hear this. This isn't the 'out of the box comfort' we're used to. However, this break in period is key to getting a personalized fit. Once they are broken in - you will know it. One day you'll slip them on and forget you're even wearing them!


A Walk In the Park: Usually I recommend to my customers to start wearing their new sandals around the house. Since I'm a little more used to them, I took them outside for their first go around. I'll admit, it probably wasn't the wisest choice. I was having to run after toddler who knows no boundaries at a park with not too many boundaries. Have I mentioned that I'm also 38.5 weeks pregnant? It was a fun time. My feet didn't receive any wear and tear, just some minor fatigue once we finally made it back home (like a block away... remember I'm pregnant).

Today I would say was a successful first day of break in. The shoes held up as they should and I'm already making that first imprint. Looking forward to wearing these for the next 99 days!

Here is a gallery of images of the pair I'm wearing right out of the box: Birkenstock, Arizona in Iron Oiled Leather, Size 36