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Welcome to the 100 Days Of Comfort Challenge!

Since 1976, it has been our commitment to provide quality footwear to our customers. We have been searching to find the most innovative footwear, built with comfort in mind, from around the world. We believe in our products so much that we're willing to put our own feet and footwear to the test.

Our Pledge: We pledge to provide the most accurate and honest information during our challenges. We already wear the shoes we sell, so now we need to prove it by documenting our every step. We promise to wear the product exclusively, without bounds, and no matter what the situation - we will show you how to adapt comfort footwear into your every day routine.

To follow our challenges you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and detailed documentation on our blog.


Birkenstock, Arizona Challenge

100 Day Challenge Beginning on April 19th 2015 and will run through July 27th 2015. Koa is our product tester for this challenge and has commited to 100 days in a pair of classic Arizona, Iron Oiled Birkenstock sandals. Follow her story HERE.